Microlearnings improve your training

Traditional e-learning is time-consuming, tedious and boring. This is exactly what microlearnings are changing. By dividing learning into short easily accessible learning modules, you can improve the impact of your training.

There are so many advantages of microlearnings and it would seem like a sales pitch if we were to list them all on this page. So that is exactly what we will do.

You can use microlearnings as the most effective method to:

1 Invoke reflection before a course

2 Anchor new tools after a course

3 Roll out a new strategy or new values

4 Invoke new habits in your employees

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How does microlearnings work and what is it?

How to get started with microlearnings

There are two effective ways to start using microlearnings.

  1. You download the whitepaper guide on microlearnings and share it with your HR and education team.
  2. You book a meeting with a learning specialist and get professional sparring about how you can create even better training in the future.

If you are wondering how microlearnings work and what it is, then feel free to watch our video.

Free 1 week course

Experience it yourself and sign up for a free 1 week course

You can completely free of charge sign up for a 1 week mini course and experience the effect yourself.

You can choose between three free courses. After signing up, you will receive one microlearning a day for the next week. All in all, the course consists of a five minute introduction and then five microlearnings lasting less than two minutes. We promise that you will be surprised of how much knowledge you can get with only 15 minutes of video material in total if you follow the program.

Proactive conflict management

Objection handling

Generate committed employees

Plug ´n´ play

The final arguments – documented effect

If you are still reading along, you probably do not have many doubts left. You probably just need the final arguments to get started. So we will provide these below.

Microlearnings is the most effective method to create anchoring and new habits. Six different studies have, within recent years, underlined the effect of using microlearnings. The conclusions from the six studies were the following:

  • Study 1: Microlearnings have the greatest effect and produces more content participants.
  • Study 2: Blended learning has a 53% greater learning effect than classic teaching.
  • Study 3: Microlearnings have 18% greater effect than traditional learning.
  • Study 4: Participants prefer the phone as a tool in training.
  • Study 5: Microlearnings increase learning efficiency.
  • Study 6: Microlearnings combined with gamification increase the participants’ committment.

Does anyone I know already use microlearnings?

More and more companies are using microlearnings. In 2021 alone we have applied the method in partnership with +50 Danish companies. We have trained everything from sales techniques, hospitality service, soil science and social selling activities to employee committment, AB18 and management anchoring.

If there is anyone you know, is hard to answer, but if you can not find anyone from your network in the reference list, you can connect with one of us at Institute for Learning Design on LinkedIn. Then at least you will know us.

Indsæt udvalgte referencer her, med link til den fulde liste (?????).

Want to talk about your options?

Since you are still reading along, we presume you have an interest in microlearnings and want to know more about how you can use it. So why not book a meeting now with a learning specialist?

Learn more

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