We are IFLD

About us

The Vision

The educational business within the private business sector has been at a standstill for many years. The big digitisation has been moving the classical physical education one-to-one to a digital platform. This is far from the most effective way of working with digital learning. The result of how the educational business has functioned from about 2000 to 2021 is that a large number of employees has wasted their time on ineffective courses, and companies are bleeding a lot of money on the investments. This is common knowledge to both the consulting houses, the companies and the participants.

With our knowledge within the fields of pedagogy, content production and educational technologies, we know that there is a better way. That is why our vision is not to be the largest learning business, but instead:

To be the most important business in learning and competence development

The Mission

Our core area is the communication and activation of knowledge. No target group is the same, no organisations are the same and no messages have the exact same meaning. That is why it is so important to have the skills to understand target group, message and communication in every single case. Our most important focus area is to constantly focus on how knowledge is put into action so that a transformation occurs from knowing something to being able to transform knowledge into new behaviour. We will do this:

By being the best at putting knowledge into action

Our strategic indicators

Whether the topic is products, our company or our training, people enabling is always a focus of ours. We know that everyone has both the knowledge and the ability to be and become a success. That is why we insist on creating frames that allows for everyone to be the best version of themselves and for everyone to take the responsibility and leadership they want.