Educational technologies are in rapid development

EdTechs or educational technologies are constantly changing our possibilities and how we are going to learn in the future. At Institute for Learning Design we are continuously curious about new educational technologies and their application.

We can’t solve everything with EdTech

Even though the technologies are promising and it is easy to get caught up in a hype about a new technology, we have to remember that we can not solve every problem just because a new technology is being launched. Through time there has been a lot of hype about technologies like LMS platforms in the 00’s and Virtual Reality in the late 10’s. Still, these two technologies have not created much value from a general learning perspective. The launch of the LMS platforms in the 00’s helped make some things easier, but they did not revolutionize the learning effect. And today, VR is more of an exciting gimmick than an actual tool in learning programs. VR’s greatest limitation is the economy in developing software and VR environments, not so much the technology itself. It is simply not accessible enough.

Anna Hollyoak

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Educational technologies

Finger on the pulse

As members of EdTech Denmark, CopenX and through our network in the EdTech world, both at start-ups, scale-ups and the established international players, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to educational technologies.

If you want to be inspired by how we expect the future of education to be, you can invite us to give an inspirational lecture or visit us for a day of inspiration. We are continuously giving lectures, hosting workshops and inspirational days about the future of education for increasingly more businesses.

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Technology training is one of the biggest limitations

Training in applying the new technologies is one of the biggest limitations we see in the implementation of new technologies. Often, new technologies are being bought without countering in the implementation phase. This results in the technology not living up to it’s intended potential.

Curious about EdTech?

If you are curious about EdTech, you are always welcome to contact us. We give lectures and host workshops in the appliance of educational technologies. This can give you inspiration to how you can move forward and which technologies will make sense for you.

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