Retail Academy

Retail Academy

Get your employees back on the floor

Employees in the retail business have to move fast in order to keep up. It is rarely a good idea to put even more strain on them with long course days or tedious e-learning courses that have to be adapted into a busy work day.

Together, we can get your employees back on the floor while at the same time getting training. This frees up more time for customers, it gives you committed employees and more profitable stores. This is what we call a win-win-win situation.

5 reasons for choosing Retail Academy

1 The employees can stay in the store

2 It creates new and improved habits

3 It increases committment among your employees

4 It generates happier customers

5 It gives you more earnings at the bottom line

Thomas Klamer

Senior Partner og Co-Founder

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Measured as growth in margin compared to the control group


Better service

Measured in exit polls through customer questions via Servicelovers



Measured in the number of users training on a daily basis

A real sales and sales training culture

Create a sales and sales training culture with Retail Academy

Habits are created over time and need to be created where they are acted out. That is why it is inefficient to teach habit and behavioural training away from the stores. It is far more efficient to move the training out on the floor and create a sales and sales training culture.

Your employees are the ones who know the customers best and with simple tools, they can create even better customer experiences and through this, increased sales and customer loyalty.

Retail Academy is designed so that the sellers improve at little bit every day and so that they, as a team, create the desired culture with the customer in the centre. Retail Academy consists of short daily assignments that the employees complete together on a daily basis. This strengthens unity, teamwork and committment to the team.

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Denmark’s most ambitious retailers

Who has done it?

Thoroughly tested learning system

A gamified plug ‘n’ play learning universe with 100 days of improvement

It may sound a bit hip, but Retail Academy is a thoroughly tested learning system that can be implemented in any retail organisation within a few weeks. Retail Academy is designed from the latest knowledge in nudging, behavioural design, gamification and learning theory.

The backbone of Retail Academy is microlearnings that are used to implement new and existing knowledge. This all happens during 100 days where the sellers improve a little every single day. A lot can happen in a 100 days with the right focus and the right design.

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What the customers and participants say about Retail Academy

This way, with short videos, it is much easier to digest. We can go directly into the store and test it on the first customer who walks in while at the same time doing our job.

– Peter and Christian, Spejdersport Hillerød.

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More than just e-learning – it is a groundbreaking learning concept

Digital learning can not stand alone and traditional e-learning does not invoke committment. That is why Retail Academy is so much more than just e-learning; it is a groundbreaking learning concept. The learning concept consists of:

  • A mobile learning platform that secures a gamified learning experience and a great participant committment.
  • Physical training book that strengthens implementation and makes it easier for the employees to share experiences.
  • Outreaching system support that secures that every employee is effectively onboarded with a full service solution to HQ in order for you to use a minimum of resources on the project.
  • Outreaching learning support that secures that every employee is followed closely and individually by the Retail Academy Customer Impact Team.
  • Kick-off in the store so that every participant gets off to a good start and every store manager is equipped to get the most out of Retail Academy.
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Retail Academy Customer Impact Team – secures that every participant is successful

Outreaching learning support that secures that every employee is closely and individually followed by the Retail Academy Customer Impact Team.

The team contacts every participant individually if they experience that a participant is quitting or not completing their assignments. This secures that more than 83% of participants (including hourly waged employees) complete every element of the training.

The Customer Impact Team also delivers statistics and management reports to every manager to give full disclosure of activity, committment and effect of Retail Academy.