Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Train your managers close to their employees

With the role of manager comes great responsibility. First of all a responsibility for leading yourself and a responsibility for optimizing your employees’ commitment and productivity. At Leadership Academy the managers are trained in being a manager. Not in the class room, but in the real world.

Through a tailored education design, managers are both equiped and challenged on their own home turf. The result is:

1 That managers learn to understand their own managing style in collaboration with their employees

2 That managers get a stronger manager network and that the organisation reinforces it’s cohesion

3 That managers are trained in managing over a period of time in their own daily work life

Emil Hejlskov

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Udskift tallene, så de passer til akademiet



Measured as growth in margin compared to the control group


Better service

Measured through exit polls in customer questions via Servicelovers



Measured through the number of users training on a daily basis

Created with a focus on everyday work life

Greater diversity and inclusion in the managerial decisions

An important element of Leadership Academy is the involvement of all participants and their individual strengths. The frame for the training course increases diversity – not in the composition of the leader group, but in the inputs the managers get from each other. And thus also in the decisions that are being made.

Through small facilitated network groups, inclusion is also increased, as all participants play an active role in the development of both their own and their colleagues’ leadership.

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Leadership Academy

Learning loops for leaders

The development and the anchoring happen in combination between an online learning universe and hybrid workshops. All designed to increase knowledge, activate knowledge, apply knowledge and implement knowledge through four steps. Together they constitute a learning loop. Leadership Academy is designed from your ambitions and wishes with everything from two to ten learning loops. This way the desired managing culture will become part of the daily life. Regardless if you want to strengthen your execution force, implement new values, reinforce cohesion or you are facing a larger change management project.

Part 1:
Knowledge building

Build-up of basic knowledge and common language.

Part 2:
Knowledge in real life

Microlearning for creating reflection of own leadership efforts.

Part 3:
Hybrid training

Hybrid peer-to-peer workshop for sharing experiences and processing new knowledge.

Part 4:

Implementation and application of new behaviour and the new tools.

Plug ´n´ play

A gamified plug ‘n’ play learning universe adapted to the managers’ daily work life

It may sound a bit too hip and theoretical, but Leadership Academy is specifically designed with practical usage as a goal. It is an effective leadership development course that can be rolled out in teams and companies with 25 managers or more.

Leadership Academy is designed using the latest knowledge in nudging, behavioural design, gamification and learning theory. Leadership Academy can contain both pre-produced leadership modules, like relational leadership, change management or  e.g. leadership alignment.

The modules can also contain tailored leadership modules, like applying your values in leadership, increasing diversity in leadership or leadership modules build on your satisfaction surveys.

Leadership Academy is an effective method for developing your management organisation.

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HTH is the strongest kitchen brand in Scandinavia, and for us, leadership is the foundation for maintaining our leading position. We work closely with Institute for Learning Design in order to continuously optimize our leadership training and talent development.

– Dennis Skovbjerg, Learning specialist HTH International Brands

Much more than tedious e-learning – it is a helping hand in everyday work life

Digital learning can not stand alone and traditional e-learning does not invoke involvement by itself. That is why Leadership Academy is so much more than just e-learning and a few microlearnings. It is a learning concept that helps managers exercise stronger management. Among others, the learning concept consists of:

  • A mobile learning platform that secures a gamified learning experience and a large participant commitment.
  • Outreaching system support that secures that all managers are onboarded effectively with a full service solution to the top management and HR. This way you will be spending a minimum of resources on the project.
  • Outreaching learning support that secures that all managers are closely and individually followed by the Leadership Academy’s Customer Impact Team.
  • Kick-off and ‘how to study’ modules on location to secure that all managers get a good start and are equipped to take the very best from Leardership Academy.

Our team secures that all managers get to the finish line

The outreaching learning support helps secure that all managers are closely and individually followed by the Leadership Academy’s Customer Impact Team. The team will contact all managers individualĺy if they establish that a manager is falling behind or not completing their assignments.

The Customer Impact Team also supplies statistics and management reports to the top management and HR to give a complete insight into activities, commitment and effect of the Leadership Academy.


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