Convenience Academy

Convenience Academy

Train your employees without taking them off the floor

The convenience business is growing and the expectations of the customers are increasing. This increasingly raises demands for the employees working in the convenience business. Naturally, this means that you also need to raise the demands for the training, your employees need to go through.

Let us work together to secure better guest experiences and a more committed staff through training at Convenience Academy. This way, together we can change behaviour, increase key figures and generate more loyal guests.

With Convenience Academy you will be able to quickly train your employees in convenience sale, dialogue with guests and effective everyday routines. Three things that are essential for being a successful employee in the convenience business.

Lars Fogtmann

Senior Partner og Co-Founder

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Measured as growth in margin compared to the control group


Better service

Measured in exit polls through customer questions via Servicelovers



Measured by the number of users training on a daily basis

Created with a focus on everyday work life

More sale and a more efficient operation without compromising the service level

Habits are created over time and must be created where they are acted out. Thus, the most efficient training is the one happening at the register close to the dialogue with the guests. Convenience is a unique concept as the dialogue with the guests is very short and the good impression and imprint must be made in the moment.

Convenience Academy is created with a focus on everyday work life and with a goal of making the employees a little bit better every day. Teamwork, proactivity and the dialogue with the guests are the three corner stones in the learning concept. Basically, it is about getting as much as you can out of the dialogue with the guests and this requires training.

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Denmark’s most ambitious …

Who has done it?

Plug ´n´ play

A gamified plug ‘n’ play learning universe adapted to everyday work life

It may sound a bit too hip, but Convenience Academy is a thoroughly tested learning system that can be implemented in everyone who works with convenience, in only a few weeks. Convenience Academy is designed on the latest knowledge in nudging, behavioural design, gamification and learning theory.

The backbone of Convenience Academy is microlearnings that are used to apply new and existing knowledge. It all happens during only 10 weeks where the employees both work with the new tools and have implementation and campaign assignments to complete.

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What the customers and the participants say about Convenience Academy

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Much more than tedious e-learning – it is a groundbreaking learning concept

Digital learning can not stand alone and traditional e-learning is not engaging. That is why Convenience Academy is much more than just e-learning; it is a groundbreaking learning concept. Among others, the learning concept consists of:

  • A mobile learning platform that secures a gamified learning experience and a large participant commitment.
  • A physical training book that strengthens the implementation and makes it easier for employees to share experiences.
  • Outreaching system support that secures that all employees are efficiently onboarded with a full service solution for leaders and HQ so that you only use a minimum of resources on the project.
  • Outreaching learning support that secures that every employee is closely and individually followed by the Convenience Academy Customer Impact Team.
  • Kick-off  in the store, at the station or in the café so that every participant is off to a  good start and every manager is fully equipped to make the most of Convenience Academy.

Convenience Academy Customer Impact Team – ensures that all your employees make it through

Outreaching learning support that ensures that every employee is closely and individually followed by the Convenience Academy Customer Impact Team. The team contacts all the participants individually if they realize that a participant is falling behind or does not complete their assignments. It ensures that more than 83% of all participants (including hourly waged employees) complete all elements of the training.

The Customer Impact Team also delivers statistics and management reports to all leaders to ensure a full insight into activity, commitment and effect of Convenience Academy.

Combine it with your own campaigns

Are you campaign driven with e.g. a focus on different products during the year? Or do you have a more static campaign plan? Then it is possible to implement your own campaigns in the learning platform. This increases the relevance of the training and your output of the investment in Convenience Academy.

Convenience Academy can offer the best from individual and standard solutions at the same time – which is rather unique. You get a thoroughly tested setup with standard learning modules combined with a focus on your products in everything surrounding implementation.

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