City Development

City Development

Create better service in the city – together

City Development Academy is a tailored remote training program for everyone in the city who are in contact with the city’s customers, guests and citizens. The course contains tailored training courses adapted to the different industries of the city. All with the purpose of increasing sales, efficiency, work pleasure and customer satisfaction.

The City Development Academy is a project for strengthening cities and maintaining local workplaces. The project focuses on developing the city’s teamwork and often the project is self-financed or financed in collaboration with the local trade association and/or municipality.


5 reasons for choosing City Development Academy

1 Your employees can stay in the store

2 It creates new and improved habits

3 It increases the commitment among your employees throughout the city

4 It creates happier and more loyal customers

5 It generates more money at the bottom line

Lars Fogtmann

Senior Partner og Co-Founder

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Measured as growth in margin compared to the control group


Better service

Measured in exit polls through customer questions via Servicelovers



Measured in the number of users training on a daily basis

A real sales and sales training culture

An umbrella project that unifies the city

The City Development Academy is an umbrella project which is build on the tailored academies of Institute for Learning Design. It secures that everyone in the city is able to participate and that, together, we can create a gathering point for the local traders.

Through Hospitality Academy you can train your employees directly from the phone. It is relevant, present and highly effective. All of Hospitality Academy is build as a mobile learning universe, and all your employees need to get started, is a smartphone.

You may be thinking – is it really possible to train personal service from the phone? And yes, it is, but mobile training can not stand alone. That is why Hospitality Academy is so much more than an app, it is a learning concept.

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4 accelerated learning courses


Online academy for employees working in the hospitality business, adapted to everyday work life at hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés.

Target group: Waiters, café workers, receptionists and bar staff.


Effective online academy that increases basket size, efficiency and customer satisfaction – directly from your phone.

Target group: Employees in coffee shops, convenience stores, kiosks and e.g. movie theatres.


Tailored remote training for sellers in the retail business. Focus on increasing the sellers’ abilities to create good customer experiences.

Target group: Sellers in retail where the customers need guidance and in retail where the customer can take the products directly from  the shelves where the issue primarily is service.

Beauty & Health

Adapted online training for everyone who wants to increase sales and customer loyalty in their clinics and parlours.

Target group: Employees in clinics, beauty parlours and hairdressers.

A groundbreaking learning concept

Much more than tedious e-learning and an app

Digital learning can not stand alone and traditional e-learning does not invoke commitment. That is why the City Development Academy is so much more than just e-learning – it is a groundbreaking learning concept. Among others, the learning  concept consists of:


  • A mobile learning platform that ensures a gamified learning  experience and a large participant commitment.
  • Physical training books that strengthen implementation and makes it easier for employees to share experiences.
  • Outreaching system support that secures that all employees are efficiently onboarded with full service solution to managers, owners and e.g. the trade association. This way, you will be using a minimum of resources on the project.
  • Outreaching learning support that secures that all employees are closely and individually followed by the Customer Impact Team at Institute for Learning Design.
  • Kick-off in the city in order to get all participants off to a good start and all managers equipped to get the most out of the City Development Academy.
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What the customers and participants say about Retail Academy

In this new way, with short videos, it is easier to digest. We can go directly in to the store, and test it on the first customer that walks through the door, while at the same time doing our job.

– Clients: Hillerød, Middelfart

A stronger network in the city

Through network groups focusing on teamwork and sparring, a stronger local network is created. As an umbrella project, the city’s traders will be working with ‘swapping customers’ strategies to increase sales.

This means that the City Development Academy is much more than an online academy. It contains a line of activities that will strengthen your local competitiveness, your local network and your united execution force.

A gamified plug ‘n’ play learning universe adapted to cities with ambitions

It may sound a bit too hip, but City Development Academy is a thoroughly tested learning system that can be implemented in all cities or shopping centers. The design is based on the latest knowledge in nudging, behavioural design, gamification and learning theory.

City Development Academy Customer Impact Team – ensures everyone a successful course

Outreaching learning support ensures that every participant is closely and individually followed by the Customer Impact Team of Institute for Learning Design. The team contacts every participant individually if they experience that a participant is falling behind or not completing their assignments. This ensures that more than 83% of all participants (including hourly waged employees) complete all elements of the training.

Also, the Customer Impact Team delivers statistics and management reports to all managers to give a full insight into activity, commitment and effect of the City Development Academy.

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